Bally legs (les jambes)

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 Lovely design by Villemot, later used for a Bally posterAs can be seen on this poster, the main characteristic of the Villemot style is a drawing with clean lines,

 During the 1960s, Villemot was approched by the Director of Publicity for Bally Shoes to create a poster for the company due to a lack of creativity in the current designs . The 'Bally' poster he designed then, also known as 'Les James' or 'The Legs' in 1967, won the prestigious Martini Prize Gold Medal French design award. Bally 'blonde' represents an extension of the cross legged theme developed for the Les Jambes or The Legs poster.

Condition: A

hand signed number 16/30

Artist: Villemot

Year: 1964

Dimensions: W50cm x H70cm

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