It all began on our honeymoon in Paris.

We had both been dreaming of finding a vintage poster to commemorate the trip, so we set out to discover the best place to get one.

As usual, Romeo researched and discovered the flea market we needed to visit. However, I was feeling under the weather that morning and decided to stay at the hotel. Determined not to miss out, Romeo ventured out on his own to find the market and having succeed dragged me there that afternoon - on the metro no less! 

The moment we stepped foot in the gallery, our eyes gazed over at the same poster. Bally Kick by Bernard Villemot. It was perfection. The polka dot dress made it even more perfect—knowing how much I adore polka dots.

Without hesitation, we bought it, and the rest, as they say, is history. But, of course, getting it home was a whole other adventure. We didn't think to have it sent by the gallery and had to figure out how to get it home to Sydney.

Our attempts to find a tube big enough to fit the poster at the post office were met with a dismissive response from the clerk. But the staff at our hotel were much more helpful and suggested a fishing shop where we could find what we needed. We packed it in the hotel lobby with the help of the staff and a lot of laughs.

We may have faced some challenges along the way (mostly packing related!), but our love for vintage posters has grown stronger. Over the years, we've spent countless hours in poster galleries around the world, and Romeo has dedicated even more time to online research, building the beautiful collection we have today. We love each piece, but then we realised there is only so much space on our walls and we want to share that joy of falling in love with a vintage poster with others.

Whether we have the perfect poster in our collection or need to find it for you, we would love to help you discover just the right piece. But be warned— you may not be able to stop at one! 
Romeo & Amanda