Campari Soda (red)

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Gaspar Campari first produced Bitter Campari in 1860 in Novara, Italy. The liquor falls under the category of "Bitters," traditionally prepared as a mixture of water, alcohol, and botanical extracts - in the case of Campari the botanical used is orange peel. Bitter Campari mixed with Soda was first developed in the 1920's and referred to as an "Americano", after the American tourists who visited Italy to avoid Prohibition at home. "Campari Soda" was first bottled in 1932 and became the first pre-mixed alcoholic drink sold world-wide. 

In a groundbreaking design move, Futurist designer Fortunato Depero turned the serving glass upside down to create the shape of the Campari Soda bottle.  This innovative and  award-winning design is reflected in this mid-century poster.  The unique red colouring of Campari Soda (created using carmine dye) and simplistic design gives the poster a striking appeal.

Condition: A-

Artist: Giovanni Mingozzi

Year: 1950

Dimensions: W 68cm x H 98cm

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