Cours De Danse (1927) Roger Gallais

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Gesmar was one of the greatest designers of costumes and posters during the golden age of the Paris music hall during the Jazz Age.  At age 27 he designed this elegant poster for a class at the Roger Gallais dance studio.  It was completed in the last year of his life.  The poster was so popular it was reissued 50 years later. This is the 1927 original.  

The dance instructor, Gallais, claimed that the individuals depicted in the poster were, in fact, he and Mistinguett (a popular subject of Gesmar's art) dancing in his studio as he demonstrated the new "Five-Step" dance popular at that time.

Condition: A 

This piece is not linen-backed but we can arrange that and/or framing - contact us for pricing.

Artist: Gesmar

Year: 1927

Dimensions: W 76cm x H 117cm

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