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Erté has been called the “Father of Art Deco” for the illustrations and designs he created throughout the 20th century. This is an original advertising poster for an exhibition of Erte's art at the Rizzoli Gallery in New York.

Titled 'Trapeze' the image is from a series 'At The Theater, a suite comprising of Melisande, The Dancer, Golden Calf, Symphony in Black and The Trapeze. 

In the words of the artist.... ““The Trapeze” A costume, I designed for girls, swinging on trapezes, at the "Moulin Rouge” in Paris around 1956.  The long feather trains emphacised the movement of the trapezes”

Condition: A This piece is not linen backed but we can arrange that and/or framing - contact us for pricing.

Artist: Erté

Year: c. 1978

Dimensions: W 63.5cm x H 97cm

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