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The legendary artist, Andy Wahol, originally created his "flower" series in 1964 to create a body of work for an exhibition at New York’s Leo Castelli Gallery. His original work was based on a color photograph of hibiscus flowers taken by Patricia Caulfield, Modern Photography magazine's executive editor, and published in the June 1964 issue of the magazine. Wahol rendered the image boldly graphic by cropping, flattening and distorting it. Caulfield sued Wahol for using the image without her approval and won the case.  Though the experience distressed him, it led Wahol down a path of broadened exploration

For his presentations of this series, Wahol tiled the walls with multitudes of variants. The complete Flowers series ranks amongst Wahol's most valuable portfolios 

This print was later produced for the general public in France, making it a unique and collectible piece of Wahol's celebrated "Flowers" series and offering a rare opportunity to own a significant work by arguably one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

Condition: A 

Artist: Andy Wahol

Year: 1970

Dimensions: W 70cm x H 70cm

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