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This little grey elephant happily swings his tail and demonstrates that Heliomalt, a product made by a Swiss Dairy Company, containing wheat and barle, has everything you need to be fit and productive all day long. 

Quote from zentralplus.ch blog....

"For many years, the cheerful elephant smiled from a facade at Lucerne's Kreuzstutz and became a graphic icon. No one can say exactly how long the Heliomalt advertisement at Baselstrasse 82 actually existed, but one thing is clear: generations of children cried out on the train or car journey as the city center approached: "Lueg, de Elifant!" Research has shown that the advertisement existed for a good 30 years, from 1965 to around 1996"

Artist: Celestino Piatti

Year: 1960

Dimensions: W 91cm x H 127cm

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