Indpendence Air - New York

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NEW YORK - there's a promise that in New York the streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you and if you can make it there you'll make it anywhere.

Doesn't this poster make your vagabond shoes long to stray?  Doesn't it make you want to wake up in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of?  If you've got a pocket full of dreams - let this New York poster inspire you to take the plunge - You're bound to start singing..... "Start spreadin' the news, I'm leavin' today, I want to be a part of it.... NEW YORK, NEW YORK."

 Condition: A  

This piece is not linen-backed but we can arrange that and/or framing - contact us for pricing.

Artist: Unknown

Year: 2005

Dimensions: W 60cm x H 91cm

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