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What an amazing talking piece!

Our research indicates that this poster is probably an advertisement for the 1935 Bugatti Aerolithe.  Constructed on a non-supercharged type 57 chassis, the Aerolithe's body was built of magnesium, a brittle, inflammable material that offered one great advantage: as the poster would seem to imply, it was extremely lightweight.

While it was short lived, it was one of Bugattis' most beautiful cars. It made it's sensational debut in1935 at the Earl's Court Motor Show and was road tested once in 1936, but it was never sold by the factory.  That is where the Aerolithe story comes to a dead end as car was never seen again and was most likely destroyed for materials during the war.

Information gleaned from Autoweek.com

Condition: B

Artist: Alonzo Perez

Year: 1935

Dimensions: W 101cm x H 139cm

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