Maurin Quina (Green Devil)

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Arguably one of the most famous images in vintage poster art, and Cappiello's most famous poster, this is an advertisement for Maurin's alcoholic beverage Quina, an absinthe aperitif produced by Maurin-Brenas of Le Puy, France.  His imagery is a radical departure from his era's flowery and romantic images.  

Using "infernal imagery" Cappiello depicts the "Green devil", evoking thoughts of "la fée verte"- the Green Fairy, skulking off with his bottle of Quina.  He smiles as he sneakily de-corks the bottle, looking behind him perhaps to see if his actions have been detected.

Maurin Quina went out of production in 1906 when it was banned by the French government. 

 Condition: A

Artist: Cappiello

Year: 1906

Dimensions: W 119cm x H 160cm

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