Mercedes-Benz (and again)

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Celebrating the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow's victory at the 1954 Swiss Grand Prix.  The 66-lap race was won by Mercedes driver Juan Manuel Fangio after starting from second position. The Driver's Championship was decided at this race. Works Ferrari driver Jose Gonzales needed to win to stay in contention however,  after finishing 2nd to Fangio, with the rules in place at the time, González could not top Fangio with only 2 races left.  So the title went to Fangio for the 2nd time.

In this impressive piece we see a driver wearing a yellow helmet and goggles racing in a Mercedes-Benz marked number 8.  Other drivers appear behind him and the Union Jack, Swiss, German and French flags fly above.

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Condition: A-

Artist: Hans Liska

Year: 1954

Dimensions: W 60cm x H 84cm

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