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Is a typewriter a musical instrument? Typesy.com tells us that  "With all the clicking and clacking, the bells dinging and the carriage return levers making their peculiar buzz, a busy office in the 1950s was definitely a noisy place"

Looking at this poster one (ok, a more mature 'one') may recall the tap, tap tap of keys, the ding when reaching the end of the right hand margin and the zip of a carriage return - ahh the old days of the manual typewriter - a history lesson for the younger viewer!

Condition: A

This poster also comes in a larger format (W 83.5cm x H 119cm)

This piece is not linen backed but we can arrange that and/or framing - contact us for pricing.

Artist: Max Velthuys

Year: 1955

Dimensions: W 41.5cm x H 60cm

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