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Bernard Villemot collaborated with Orangina for many years, designing 17 posters with his trademark orange peel swirl taking many forms including;
* a straw hat (Orangina Beach, Orangina Light and Orangina Girl),
* sunglasses (Orangina sunglasses),
* sun (Orangina Sun and Orangina Sun blue background).
* curls of hair (Orangina curly hair) all of which we have in our gallery, and...
* an Umbrella -In this poster, he shows the swirl umbrella over a table, a bottle of Orangina and a glass of the drink with a straw inserted all on a background of blue sky. 
This was the original Orangina poster design and set the standard for the colour choices in Orangina advertising.
Condition: A
89/350 - signed by the artist

This piece is not linen-backed but we can arrange that and/or framing - contact us for pricing.

Unfortunately this poster has sold. If you would love to own it we would be happy to source another for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us

Artist: Villemot

Year: 1953

Dimensions: W 50cm x H 70cm

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