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Schaal Chocolatier is a French chocolate shop founded in Strasbourg, France in 1871.  In this poster, Faivre portrayed a man in a pointed hat, with a cocoa branch and a sign of Schaal in his hands, riding on a bird. It is uncertain whether the artist was depicting a particular type of bird, but the beautiful colors of blue, white, and red coincide with the French flag. The man seems extremely proud to have found this cocoa branch for the Schaal Chocolatier; he holds it so high that even the frame cannot contain it within. This imagery of riding a bird to find cocoa branches implies the company's tradition of searching for the best raw material for its products

Unfortunately this poster has sold. If you would love to own it we would be happy to source another for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us

Condition: A

Artist: Abel Faivre

Year: 1935

Dimensions: W 117cm x H 159cm

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